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  Story: an account of imaginary or real people and events.
  Telling: revealing a previously unheard story to new ears.

Come with us to a

 place where people



        Tell stories.



           Be part of it.   


Cock & Bull, Wellington St,


every4th Tuesday in Winter


Inveresk Tramsheds,


25, 26, 27th August 2023

"I can't believe I got up and told a story ... I only came to listen!

"It was amazing - like time had stopped.

"Why has nobody done this before?

"I want to know more about storytelling. I want to learn more.

"Do these guys really do this for love, for free? Amazing ...

Who tells the stories? You do. We all do.

Who listens? We all do; you do.

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            Speakers & Performers

JIM Brown/

Adam Thompson/ 

Annette Reed/

Jeremy Torr/

Mallika Naguran/

Nick Clements/

Moran Wiesel

Geraldine Gray/

 ... & You


Geraldine Gray is a highly-regarded stage performer with spoken and delivered performance experience from across the country. Her stagecraft experience working in front of both public and business punters explains her ability to get any audience leaning in, craving for more of her story. And of her voice. Better still, she will tell you how to do it yourself.

Annette Reed is a storyteller born, raised and living her entire life in rural Australia. Once a teacher and social worker, she now digs her hands deep into garlic and tomato soil but never forgets her human roots. She brings a refreshing ability to tell stories that engage and inspire, but also always reminds her audience that her story is their story - of resilience and strength.


Jim Brown has been a school teacher, a police detective, a TV journalist, storyteller and poet. He was born a Kiwi, but later moved to Australia. As frontman of TV lifestyle show “Healthy Wealthy and Wise" he visited 20 countries and hundreds of destinations. Jim understands the the power and beauty of the spoken word. He has won national poetry and songwriting competitions, and teaches U3A students the art of story telling.

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Adam Thompson is a pakana writer from Launceston, Tasmania. As a kid, he listened to stories from his great grandmother, grandparents, uncles and aunties. He has been published widely: his short story collection, Born into This, was released by UQP in February 2021. “I’ve always enjoyed stories, and see them as an engaging and effective way to disseminate messages to the wider community about issues important to Aboriginal people in Tasmania,” he says. 

Author Mallika Naguran 2. Pic credit Mark Thomson.jpg

Mallika Naguran is a Singapore-born writer, but now lives happily in Tasmania where she loses track of time in forests with pademelons. An established author, she has been published by Penguin - her collection of short stories, She Never Looks Quite Back was released in December 2021. She tells stories of nature, love, war, migration, reconciliation, pandemic, all with captivating glimpses into lives conflicted by chance and choice.


Jeremy Torr was born in rural England, and grew up surrounded by tales of the countryside. He has worked as a journalist and writer in Europe, Asia and Australia. Still searching for the perfect story, he has picked up plenty of tips working at Discovery Channel and other publications. The fact his mother was Irish, and scared him witless with tales of the Little People, Bad Tinkers and Cunning Leprechauns has not put him off storytelling. At all ...

JT Serious.jpg

Moran Wiesel is a spoken word poet, storyteller, eco-therapist, and musician. Their words are earth words, inspired by our intimate connection with the world’s soul, and the spectacular vibrancy of lutruwita. When not performing around lutruwita, Moran can mostly be found dancing with trees, listening for stories to emerge.

Nicholas Clements is a teacher and a Researcher at UTAS. His PhD research and 2014 book, The Black War: Fear, Sex and Resistance in Tasmania, explored the roles of both Aborigines and colonists during the conflict, and his new book, co-authored with Henry Reynolds, is Tongerlongeter: First Nations Leader and Tasmanian War Hero – a biography of the Tasmanian chief’s incredible resistance against the invasion of his country by British colonists.

JT Serious.jpg

Who tells the stories? You do. We all do.

Who listens? We all do; you do.


Over three days in August, we will change the way you think about told stories. How to appreciate them.

How to craft them. How to deliver them. How to polish them. How to make them stick in your memory.

How to make people say "I heard this amazing story once, about ..." - and that story will be yours.

We will bring you accomplished storytellers in their own right, plus our unique Tasmanian workshops that will give you enough storytelling skills to let you roam the byways of the world, telling stories as you go, living off the generosity of grateful strangers. Possibly. Here's what we are offering:

FRIDAY. 6 - 9.30pm

Our team of professional story writers and tellers will share, LIVE ON STAGE their

best pieces. There will be REAL LIFE, FABLES, ANECDOTES,


All will challenge your perceptions of ordinary life. Don't miss our evening of seasoned

raconteurs sharing their top stories.

SATURDAY. 10am - 4.30pm

The full day of STORYTELLING WORKSHOPS offers time-tested insights, techniques and practical knowledge to make you a better storyteller. Workshops include:

                                      Tradition - We will invite you into the secrets of traditional folkloric storytelling.

                                      Stagecraft - Understand how rivet your audience, get them craving for more of your voice.

                                      Editing - Become an expert in editing, rhythm, concision and pacing.  

                                      StorylinesRealise your hidden insights into where your stories can come from.

                                      Plotting - Ensure your ideas take powerful shape, ready to stop your listeners breath.


All the sessions will end up with a Q+A participation session, plus there will be an Open Q+A at day's end. 

The bar will of course be open for a couple of hours at the end of the day to help relax your voice.

SUNDAY. 2 - 6.30pm

This is the time you get to HANG OUT, SWAP TALES AND PERFORM on stage

with other storytellers who, like you, just love the spoken word. Sound good? It will be.


There is just one rule - five minutes, no longer. Oh, and no poetry or singing, thanks.

​So turn up and tell YOUR story - and of course, listen. We need your ears - and your words.

Every story is good, every story will be heard. You can read it, recite it, deliver it or mime it.  

Stories are as old as people. Storytelling is in our blood. The stories we tell can be personal,

traditional, quirky, informative, amazing, sobering, thought-provoking or just a reflection

on the joy of being human.

This is what we do. AND NOW IT'S YOUR TURN.

​​For more information mail

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Who tells the stories? You do. We all do.

Who listens? We all do; you do.


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Who tells the stories? You do. We all do.

Who listens? We all do; you do.

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